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St Luke In The City

St Luke in the City Liverpool is a UK Registered Charity no. 1152031

Office:     St Bride's Church,

Percy Street,

Liverpool L8 7LT

@  2017 by St Luke In The City PCC.

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St Bride's, Percy Street, Liverpool L8 7LT
creative, progressive, inclusive

St Bride’s is in the heart of the Georgian Canning district of Liverpool. We aim to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive sacred space where faith can be explored in an open, non-judgmental way with an emphasis on the value of questions, rather than cut and dried answers. St Bride's Liverpool website

57 E 4th St, New York 

St Dunstan's, Earle Road, Liverpool L7 6HD

dramatic - sensory - renewing

St Dunstan's draws mainly from the Edge Hill neighbourhood. Theologically it is progressive and sacramental with a focus on a faith which is never content to rest on inherited certainties. New members have said that this openness is a key reason why they  joined and stayed. St Dunstan's Liverpool website

St Michael In The City, Upper Pitt St, Liverpool L1 5DB

Faith, fun & friendship in the heart of the city


St Michael in the City is the most centrally located church in Liverpool, about five minutes’ walk from the city centre. Its heart is a strong network of family and kinship partially rooted in many Anglo-Chinese families who have historically been connected to the church. St Michael in the City website

Liverpool Women’s NHS Trust Chaplaincy

The hospital lies almost at the geographical heart of the parish and has a long standing relationship with the parish’s congregations, leaders and clergy. This is something the parish are keen to support as it is a distinctive service, being one of only two hospitals nationally that specialise in the treatment of women.

Liverpool Women’s NHS Trust website

Our mission:

To discover, with others, the freedom, justice and hope of the Kingdom of God:

to work for and celebrate it in the live of individuals, the community and the city.

The Team Parish of St Luke in the City is situated on the southern side of Liverpool city centre, stretching eastward from the Baltic Triangle, through Chinatown and the Canning and University areas on to Edge Hill and the border of Wavertree.


The parish is named after the original parish church of St Luke, Bold Place, known locally as ’The Bombed Out Church‘, which has been preserved as a war memorial and peace garden. It reopened in June 2017 as a community arts venue after major restoration.


The parish is now served by three churches: St Bride's, St Dunstan's, and St Michael in the City. It also provides chaplaincy support to Liverpool Women's NHS Trust and hosts Open Table, a growing Fresh Expression for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Please read on for a brief intro to each of these communities, and links to their websites.

Open Table

Safe sacred space for LGBTQIA+ Christians & all who believe in an inclusive Church

An ecumenical Christian worship community which offers a warm welcome to people who are: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual (LGBTQIA). It began in Liverpool in July 2008. Now Open Table communities gather across the UK, hosted by inclusive churches in various denominations. Open Table website

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